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X-Wing BitC Southampton Inaugrual Showdown


Board in the City CIC
38 - 40 Onslow Road SO14 0JG Southampton England
In association with the X-Wing Southampton Facebook group, Board in the City is holding a 16-player ticketed X-Wing tournament on Sunday, June 12th.

Limited places mean that players are asked to pre-book. In June, any unallocated places will be opened to other groups or players further afield.

Places are £10 (see pinned post for payment options), but all players will recieve £3 off any one order on game day at Board in the City as a thank-you for assitance with prize support and playmats. In addition to a host of teas, coffees, juices, and milkshakes, our full menu can be found here: http://www.boardinthecity.co.uk/menu/

Tournament schedule:
10am Registration and setup
11am Round 1
12:30pm Round 2
1:45pm Lunch
3.00pm Round 3
4.30pm Round 4
6pm Prizes

Players will be using 100pt. single-faction forces and playing by official FFG tournament rules(1) and the up to date FAQ(2). Steve Halman will be the official judge for the tournament.

The tournament prizes are an official FFG X-Wing spring tournament kit, plus three X-Wing miniatures:
—One solid metal challenge coin
—Eight sets of acrylic ion tokens
—One alternate art IG-88C pilot card
—Sixteen alternate art Veteran Instincts upgrade card
—Inquisitor's TIE Advanced Prototype
—Mist Hunter
—Punishing One

Board in the City's private hire room will be made available so that players can store any gear away from public view.

May the force be with you.

–Scott 'Inquisitor' Mence
BitCcic Organised Play

(1) FFG's official Tournament Regulations

(2) FFG's official FAQ